Stefano's Recent Blogs

baaack online after while Date: Sep 11th @ 1:01pm EDT
hey guys going to be back online tomorrow about 6pm East coast time
hope to see u there and have some fun

family holiday in croatia Date: Sep 5th @ 1:32am EDT
If u wonder where i did lost im at holiday with my family till september 12th , but i will be back and all tanned :D
7YEARS HERE WITH U Date: Jun 23rd @ 7:24am EDT
Today its 7 years since my 1st day on f4f omg im getting old:D
lets celebrate this aniversary together....
party in prague Date: May 28th @ 3:52am EDT
leaving for 3 dayz to Prague see friends and join huge even called sensation white:D
Dont worry i will be back in monday :D
back from holiday Date: Mar 20th @ 7:03am EDT
Back online tonight for u guys:D
Lets celebrate my Bday...
Happy thanksgiving Date: Nov 26th @ 4:19pm EST
Wish u all hapyp thanksgiving..
be thankfull for all u have in your life
SHOWER Date: Sep 20th @ 12:34pm EDT
hey i need shower anyoen wanna join me for pvt in shower hehe
first try Date: Jan 17th @ 10:54pm EST
hm i dont know how this work:]~~~~

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